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TAST Week 11 – Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch – Details 196 and 197 March 13th, 2007

TAST week 11 detail 196
TAST week 11 detail 197
TAST week 11 Visual JournalI love Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch, it is hard to draw but easy to stitch and I really like how the thread sort of curves between the stitches.

The variation on the right is not unlike Feather Stitch and indeed when I went to the Contents Page of Sharon’s Stitch Dictionary to get the link I found that it is there as Up and Down Buttonhole Feathered.

The seam on the right is 2 rows of zig zagged Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch…I was going to put beads into the little V’s along the edges but decided that it looks good as it is and didn’t need any more beads.

3 Responses to “TAST Week 11 – Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch – Details 196 and 197”

  1. Susan Says:

    Both of these seams look wonderful. Thanks for doing them so soon, now I’m encouraged. =)

  2. Maureen B Says:

    Annie your work is always different and lovely. The feathered version of up and down buttonhole is pretty but my favourite is the very classy blue one.

  3. Doreen G Says:

    I love the look of these Annie especially the one on the left.

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