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TAST Week 9 Cross Stitch – Details 180 and 181 February 28th, 2007

detail 180

I have stitched 2 of the ideas from my page of cross stitch sketches…The seam above is a row of Cross Stitch to which I have added Colonial Knots and seed beads…it is a simple effective seam treatment (much nicer than I had expected).

The seam below is 3 rows of cross stitches each row increasing in size…A bit dissappointing but it fills the space…I stitched the seam on waste canvas which gave me my stitch size but I think the first row of stitches is to small and if I repeat it I think I would leave out the first row of tiny stitches and do just 2 rows, I like the heart shape that is formed where the 2 different size stitches meet.

detail 181

3 Responses to “TAST Week 9 Cross Stitch – Details 180 and 181”

  1. Doni Palmgren Says:

    I am really enjoying the progress of your quilt. I love all the stitch variations you are coming up with. Can’t wait to try your cross stitch idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Doni, in Wenatchee, Washington State, US.

  2. Norma H Says:

    Annie, I like both Cross Stitch details, that is minus the tiny row on #181. The heart part really looks good and I can see that expanded. Isn’t this fun?

  3. Gail Says:

    Annie, these are great and helps me out with some ideas, I am behind as you can see by the date, I will try these on my sampler. I did not notice the heart shape at first, but it is perfect. A design withing a design, always love that.

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