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December 2022
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Go the Raiders March 19th, 2005

That is the Canberra Raiders Rugby League Team…of whom I am a Fan by default…Jessica my daughter is the Fan and I support her…Ahhh the things we do for love….They played there first game of the season today, an opportune time to share with you my Raiders inspired works.

In 2002 I agreed to decorate Jessica’s bedroom in the Raiders colours….White walls (I don’t like white walls), Black curtain and Furniture (I like black but this is a small room, a bit of a worry that it would overpower the room), Lime greenTrim (Yuck) with blue accessories ( I was taught that blue and green should never be seen)…..I can tell you it was a labour of Love, well at least it started as a labour of love but it is amazing what you learn about yourself when you work outside your comfort zone…she moved into another room and for a month I washed walls and painted, I then spent another month making a black Roman Blind, building a bedside table and a Unit for her TV/DVD player (building the furniture was made possible when I found out that if I took exact measurements to the hardware store they would cut the wood to size so that I just had to glue and screw) and painting it and other furniture black with lime green trims…..As her room came together it was with amazement that I found myself standing at the door shaking my heard and thinking “it looks good, its lime green but it looks good, it even looks great…it needs a Raiders dooner cover”….

…Well the dooner cover also turned out better than I ever would have expected….So good that it turned into a quilt…I had decided that the dooner cover was a good item to trial an idea that had been in my head for many years to do what I call Maxi Crazy….My original idea had been to replicate embroidery with machine stitching but when I got it pieced and decided to make it into a quilt I thought through the different ways that I could hold the layers together I decided to leave the seams unembellished to keep the simple uncluttered look and add interest with the Machine Quilting….

Jessie Loves the Raiders

We called the quilt “Jessica Loves the Raiders”…..Her name, the heart and the football are machine applique, I used bubble jet set to print her photo and season pass and I cut Victor the Viking Logo from a flag….The rainbow in the quilting is in memory of the only game that I ever went to with her, it was a rainy day and had been a wet game but as the game finished the sun came out and a bright full rainbow appeared over the playing field…

When I find all the photos and the original design I will put it all in the Gallery of my website together with a photo of the replacement dooner which also turned into a quilt when I quilted it onto the dooner because I had used polyester fabric and the dooner kept slipping around inside it…

And last year for her Birthday I made her a Raiders Bear…

Beaded Raiders BearBeaded Raiders Bear Magnified

He is adapted from a pattern for Teddies on page 40 Issue 54 of Jill Oxton’s Cross Stitch and Beading Magazine

And I will leave you with the news that The Raiders won their game tonight.

2 Responses to “Go the Raiders”

  1. timeaka Says:

    I luv the raiders

  2. Susan Says:

    Such cute beady bears! That’s something I haven’t investigated. I just use them in CQ.

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