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How Many Charms? November 15th, 2005

The first thing I did today was baste a piece of organza over the garden so that the thread didn’t keep getting caught around the buttons and charms, it protects them while I am constructiong the bag.


I was hesitating in stitching the binding down because I felt as if I wanted to anchor the handles to the base but I don’t know what I was using for handles, I solved this problem by getting sam to make me 4 square links that I stitched to the base of the bag so that I can attach hanldes later.

loops for handle

The binding is stitched down with Back Stitch done in a matching thread.

Back stitch

As for what to do for a handle, I asked Sam for another piece of wire to try stiffening a handle but what I was thinking of didn’t work…in the meantime I twisted a hook onto each end and hooked them over the links in the bottom of the bag and I think that I like the bare wire look, I will decide tomorrow if I like it or not…I have stitched the back half of the lining in place so that I can photograph it tomorrow as finished.

the handle or not

And how many Charms did I use…Not telling yet…

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