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November 13th, 2005

I am inventing the pattern and how to make this bag as I go and method that often requires a rethink as in….last night I made a pattern for the bottom of my bag…found the legs from the jeans…Ooops I practiced painting the wall and path on the bits that were big enough to cut the base without a seam, guess I will just have to use them anyway there is enough bulk without adding extra seams and nopbody should be looking at the bottom anyway…I cut the base out and pinned it in place, perfect fit but the base needs stiffening so I put it away till today…Today I unpinned it, found some stiff stuff and a bit of lining, repinned it and started hand stitching it in place…half way around I dediced that the back needed stiffening and that it would need to be stitched into the base seam, so I unpinned the back portion added the stiff stuff, stitche it on down the side seams and around the pocket, I then repinned the base seam and continued stitching it…while stitching the back seam I reluctantly decided that the front also needed stiffening which meant unpicking the seam, putting the stiff stuff in and repinning and stitching the seam.

I had hoped to do some of the stitching by machine but it is so thick and awkward that it all needs to be done by hand..O well on with the job and I stitched the binding on but because the stiff stuff is so thick the binding wont go on in the normal way so I have turned it back on itself and stitched it flat to the base…which is as far as I have got tonight…next thing to do is to stitch the the edge of the binding through the base as well, which will cover all the raw edges leaving a neat finish but that will have to wait till tomorrow

the base

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