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Altering Embellishments – Detail 138 February 1st, 2007

last seam

Heavenly embellishment block Seams donepurchased ribbon roseFor the last seam on this block I have used a piece of braid and 2 folded ribbon flowers from the Heavenly Embellishments Bag

I scrunched the braid just enough to be able to twist it back and forth across the seam and then used the ribbon roses to as a focal point…I find that some of the purchased ribbon roses are loosly folded making them a bit floppy and they are also somewhat bigger than I like so I altered them before stitching them on, I ran a gathering thread around the back of the rose pulled it up tightly and used extra stitches to hold it in place to make them smaller and more compact. I finish I picked up on the beads in the seam above and added a couple of seed beads at the bottom.

Now for a look in the button box and charm draws…

2 Responses to “Altering Embellishments – Detail 138”

  1. Gail Says:

    Beautiful block Annie.

  2. Hideko Ishida Says:

    I love always love your elegance and originality in simplicity. This block is beaytiful.

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