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July 2024
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Learning to knit February 18th, 2005

Until 2 years ago I was not a knitter…I knew how to knit, I had knitted a scarf and matching beanie, a dolls jumper from hand spun fleece after a farm visit with a kindergarten class and this piece for my dolls house.

Miniature knitting….Actual size.

You can see a Magnified 100% view at flickr …I used Broder thread and knitted it with a needle (so that I could knit off both ends) and a tiny crochet hook and then transferred it to the pins (which have started to rust as pins do in this humid climate).

The reason that I didn’t knit was that I didn’t have the patience for it, all that time with no guarantee that the garment would fit when you did finish, it probably didn’t help that mum had one of the very early Knitting machines….After the wildfires in Jan 2002, when 500 homes were lost in Canberra, Quilters made quilts and knitters made woolen blankets for those that had lost there homes…A friend was knitting squares and I told her that if she supplied me with wool, knitting needles and instructions I would knit one of the 7” squares…I knitted 22…I discovered that when it was only a small piece I enjoyed knitting…and when the bushfire blanket appeal was over I started knitting squares for myself, another of my UFOs, I have enough squares, they just have to be joined up….

As I was doing them for myself I started to play around with texture, pattern and design (you can see the influence of my patchwork background in my designs), below are the first 12.

My first 12 knitted squares

Another thing that I have discovered is that I can knit when I am stressed and can not concentrate on doing other things…which is where I started this tale, when I was stressed earlier in the week I started knitting another metre which I finished knitting today.

My 2nd knitted metre

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