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Naked Blocks – Berets and Bags June 5th, 2005

Last week when I went to visit Sharon’s last week I took with a package of UFO bits, pieced circa 1998, it contained a couple of berets and the pieces of a Bag together with lining fabric, binding, cord and clips.

Pieces to make a bag

As Sharon looked at the pieces of the Bag she commented on my unusual choice of fabrics and was telling me that I should Blog the fabrics that I have used….and then she told me that I had pieces from 2 Bags and I have, I have the back and flap for a Blue Bag and the front for a Black Bag…

Back of Bag

The fabric on the left is a piece of Gabadine, the duller of the 2 fabrics on the right is the quilting cotton that I used as the Border on Butterflies, my second crazy quilt.

partially pieced flap for bag

The partially pieced flap has a piece of fabric from a man’s tie and prairie points set into a seam.

Front of bag

This is the front for a black/grey bag with a touch of gold…the 2 fabric patches on the top right are from my quilting cotton stash…the small triangle of grey at the bottom is a cotton stretch knit fabric that I made a T shirt from in the early 1970’s.

seam pinned ready to sew a pocket formed by folding the fabric

Also in the package were these 2 pieces of fabric pinned to a piece of paper…The spotted fabric is folded back on itself, I do sometimes use the back of fabrics but I have no idea what I was trying to do at the time…Sharon and I decided that I had to use it somewhere as a pocket, I often add little pockets on my crazy quilts and this is a cute way of doing it.

Beret ready to embroider

one of the Beret is all Black, normally hard to photograph I was thrilled to get a good photo of it, I love that black is only black till you put it next to another black….In this block the small top piece is Gaberdine and the grey looking piece on the left is a polycotton….The ripples in the bottom right patch are made by leaving the fabric floppy and then tacking it down, I will add beads in the ripples that are formed.

Another pieced beret

This Beret also has a piece of Gaberdine and a piece of poly cotton as well as a scrunched patch.

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