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August 2020
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Flyover and Fireworks August 14th, 2005

This evening I went to see a flyover of military aircraft and fireworks display to commemorate 60 years since the end of world war II….The display included lowering soldiers into the lake from ropes dangling from helicopters and dropping others directly into the water from an even lower flying shanook….The fireworks were WOW as fireworks always are and they finished with 2 F111s lighting there afterburners as they flew over …Thats 2 Jets that each dump a payload of fuel and set it alight as they fly over and it makes for a magnificent display…Such flyovers are not done very often as they are very controversial because of the environmental and $ costs and there is a very load noise factor ….I will understand if they stop doing them but in the meantime I will see every one I get a chance to, I have seen them a few times and every time it has given me a huge thrill…they really do have the WOW factor.

Below is a photo I took this evening of the sun setting behind Black Mountain Telecommunication Tower which is a landmark that can be seen from most everywhere in Canberra.

Sunset behind Black Mt Tower

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