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September 2022
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Lace and sequins – Detail 103 January 3rd, 2007

Contents of the Heavenly Embellishments Bag

Lace and sequinsI lay the laces and threads from the Heavenly Embellishmnets bag on top of the block to get a feel for how I can use the different bits…I auditioned the large piece of lace over the silk print and on a bigger block it would have gone well but I decided that it was to big for the size of my block (6″ x 8 1/2″) and used one of the smaller pieces of lace instead…I curved it around the top left corner of the silk Print and used sequins, from one of the other pieces of lace, for the flower centres and scattered a few around the lace.

One Response to “Lace and sequins – Detail 103”

  1. Gail Says:

    I really like the choice of colors and different embellishments, what is the picture of the lady made from, was it a print put on material or was it just in the pattern of the material?

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