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Day 98 – Stumpwork Hands September 26th, 2006

Tonights detail is a Stumpwork hand…I think that because of my combined loves of embroidery, applique, miniatures and whimsey it was inevitable that I would fall in love with stumpwork as soon as I saw it but it was the stumpwork hands that truely captivated me…Magnified as it is in my detail it is not the most glamorous of hands, it is even somewhat clunky but you don’t see that when you see how small it is, to help you the piece of linen in the hoop is 1″ square, what you see is a cute little hand with fingers that can be posed, I think that it is incredibly detailed for such a small size.

See below the image for how to make these stumpwork hands…I painted the hands after making them and used nail polish as the finishing touch…I attached it to the hoop by stick the thumb through the loop of the charm and wiring a finger to the hoop, leaving the wire exposed as a ring on the finger…the needle in last nights hand was the eye end of a size 12 quilting needle.

Stumpwork Hand

To make a stumpwork hand, first make 5 fingers…

Make fingers by wrapping flesh coloured thread around a piece of beading wire…I glued the start end to the wire for ease of handling.

stumpwork hand step 1

Fold the wire in half and carry the thread to the fold end.

stumpwork hand step 2

Wrap the thread back towards the cut end of the wire, glue to hold in place.

stumpwork hand step 3

When you have 5 fingers hold 2 side by side and wrap thread around once, add an index finger and wrap thread around twice, then add the little finger and wrap the thread around several times before adding the thumb and continue winding thread towards the wrist…Look at your own hand to get rough proportions of finger length and placement.

One Response to “Day 98 – Stumpwork Hands”

  1. Hideko Ishida Says:

    It’s incredible! You have a magic hand. I love to see miniatures made by artistic hands. I remember Tasha Tuder’s miniatures greeting cards, which she made her children believe swallows brought them, were also nice.

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