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Day 97 – Stumpwork Sampler – some modern touches September 25th, 2006

Stumpwork Sampler

Up until this point on the sampler all the stitches are from Stumpwork Books, tonights detail includes a couple of other techniques that I thought could be included with traditional stumpwork.

The first of them is Punch Needle.

Also up until this point I had written down the names of all the stitches but neglegted to add the last few so I am not sure what stitch the gold thread is but have looked at several stitches that it could be and I think that it is Braid Stitch but worked looser than the instructions in the link.

To the right is a Stumpwork hand…more about stumpwork hands tomorrow night.

Felt provides a nice texture that can have finer detail embroidered onto it.

A Shi Sha would make a nice Sun. From memory I think that this was the first shi sha that I had cut from a CD, I like the idea of combining the very old and the very new…To cut CD’s warm an old CD in hot water and use heavy duty scissors to cut to shape, some CDs cut better than others, so you may have to try a few to get a good cutter and use the part of the blades that are furthest from the point of the scissors.

I used Cross Stitch for my name and the year.

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