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Day 73 – Counting down…2…1… September 1st, 2006

Originally blogged 02 May 2005 – 2 days and counting down – decision time.

I spent most of today doing anything and everything other than stitch on the dress, late afternoon I started sewing the last of the beads and charms on but it wasn’t till I visited my sister this evening that I figured out why I was delaying cutting the fabric, it was because I wasn’t happy…the skirt of the brides dress is 6 gores with lace godets but when I went shopping for burgundy lace I only found one that would have been ok and it was way to expensive for just ok so I didn’t get it…my other alternative was organza and I love the colour of the organza I have but it didn’t seem right…my sister suggested doing them in the same fabric as the skirt…did I have enough???…Yes, I had bought a little extra because I knew that I could use it in swaps and the fabric is wider than I thought …decision made and I am happy now…next question do I need to line the skirt? I will decide that tomorrow after I have had some sleep…goodnight

Originally Blogged 03 May 2005 – 1 day…that is 24 hours to finish.

Late this afternoon I was hitting the panic buttons…the crazy patchwork is done, everything is cut out but I had not thought about how I was going to hem the godets…naroow lace would be easy but I don’t have any, I did some experiments, binding them with organza tried silk ribbon but neither looked any good…was starting to think that I would have to hand hem them…do I have time???…not then I didn’t, Tuesday nights I play in a 10 pin bowling League with my daughter and she interupted my panic insisting that it was time to go…we did go, I played 3 above average games, had a good night and came home much calmer…and thinking clearer, I thought to try the roled hem foot on the sewing machine, it worked well and all the edges are hemmed….and now I am going to spend of few of my remaining hours sleeping….

Originally 04 May 2005 – Confession Time

it is 6.25am…My Bags are packed and I am leaving in 10 minutes to catch the plane …and it is just as well that I have a couple of days still before the wedding because…… the dress is not finished……

Photos and wedding report next week…Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Originally Blogged 19 May 2005 – The Embellishments on my Bridesmaid Dress

Bow and Wishbone

The embellishments are my favourite part of crazy quilting and here are the finishing touches that I came up with for My Dress.

On the top left shoulder I added another ribbon (and I have just noticed that I forgot to do colonial knots over the tacking stitches). This bow together with the 2 lower down on the block created a nice visual flow and movement through the block…It also gave me a place to put my wishbone, I particularly wanted to include the wishbone because for the first wedding that I ever went to (I think that I was about 12), my cousin had collected chicken wish bones for months, gilded them and tied them to the name place cards with a cerise coloured ribbon bow, I have always remembered those gilded wishbones and associated them with weddings …and this charm is an example of how obsessive I can be to get the effect I want, I started with a brass charm but it was to bright a gold colour so I undercoated it, spray painted it with a light gold and then a coat of spray lacquer, a very subtle difference that the photo doesn’t show but it matches my memory better.

Dragonfly charm

I bought The Dragonfly charm on my overseas travels last year and being the perfect colour he had to go on….The bell that I put under this bow was not the perfect colour, It was a silver earring, the only bell I could find that was small enough but having gilded the wishbone I figured I could gild the bell too.


In the Bottom right hand corner I added a small iron on elephant because I collect elephants and the bride has made an elephant quilt.

Ribbon Fan and Phone Charm

This is the ribbon fan that I made to go on the back of the dress and then didn’t use…It is on the right shoulder and overlaps onto the rest of the dress…behind the fan is concealed a tiny pocket into which is chained a mobile phone…the phone is hidden because phones don’t belong at weddings but the whimsical side of me had to include a phone in this piece because of the many many hours that we have spent on the phone, this dress was designed over the phone but even before we lived in separate towns when we lived less than 5 minutes drive apart it was on the phone that we could most conveniently meet…The Mobile phone was a silver button that I bought at Beadies shop in Amsterdam, my son painted it red to match the dress.

Finished Bead Trail And this is the finished Bead Trail.

Just for the record Today is my first anniversary as a blogger.

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  1. Frederique Says:

    What a wonderful Dress ! I love your work with beads, and the small button cellphone ! Congratulations

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