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Day 71 – Imperfection can be perfect!!!! August 30th, 2006

Originally Blogged on 30 April 2005

A Fairy and a spider web

A Spider and his web…Spider webs were a lesson to me that perfection is not always perfect…I can and in the past always have stitched perfectly shaped webs but if you look at a spiders web it is intricate and delicate but not perfectly symmetrical and you can often see where the spider has repaired them….I am just getting the hang of stitching mine a little bit uneven and imperfect and I like them much better so when it comes to crazy spiders webs imperfection is perfect….

Flwer button on net

In the bottom right corner I have added another small piece of the hat lace with a glass flower and leaf beads.

Lace flowers

This is one of the short seams on the shoulder, the 3 big flowers are a peice of lace made from 2 different threads that dyed different colours, by itself it didn’t look like much but with a smaller lace flower and a crystal added to each flower it looks great…the flower on the right is still loose and I will stitch it down after the seam is stitched.

3 Responses to “Day 71 – Imperfection can be perfect!!!!”

  1. Marg Says:

    I love your crazy little spider web! I’ve been working on a few of my own and I must say the crazier they are, the more fun they are!

  2. May britt Says:

    The spiderweb is perfect!!!!
    I am so looking forward to see the whole outfit ready. You have done so much pretty work on it. And I envy you all thos beautiful laces.

  3. Lillian Says:

    This web is beautiful! If you dont mind me asking- what is its size? b

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