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Day 70 – Fussy??? August 29th, 2006

Originally blogged 28 April 2005

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Last night Sharon called me fussy…and I can’t deny it…before seeing her last night I had decided that my dress needed a black lace flower on the right hand side just above the fabric with the black flowers, I found only a few black lace flowers in my stash none of which was the right size and colour but there was one large iron on motif that I could cut a small flower and leaf from and I cut the piece off, thought that I should photograph the motif to show you how I adapted it and I remembered that it had come in an oz/usa swap baggie so I may have had a photo…I looked in my records and found that it was the first swap and I had done a pencil rubbing because it was before I had a digital camera, so I took a photo of the journal page with the motif…..

detail of front

…after taking the photo I moved the folder, pulled another folder from the shelf to find a date for a note that I had made on the page, put the folder back on the floor to rephotograph it but when I went to put the motif on the page again the top bit was in my hand but the other bit, the bit I wanted, was gone, where I do not know, after searching the area of the room I was in, my son did a search and we have both kept an eye out for it but it is not yet back from warp world, which according to my sister is where lost things go…

Having given up on finding it my first question to Sharon when I saw her was did she have a small black lace flower, she didn’t and when she looked at the dress she didn’t think that I needed it, which most likely means that I don’t but I had it in my head and started thinking of what else to do, could I dye one? No it would be grey rather than black, what about buttons? Or silk ribbon…it was at this point that she called me fussy…well Sharon there is no black flower on the patch and the bird button is perched on the bow…but I still have to plead guilty to being fussy because what I have done instead is to cover most of the patch with a piece of hat netting/lace which has muted the patch and softened its edges which is what I had been trying to do…..It took some stitching on because I had to catch it all over but worth it because I am happy now.

Admin note: More than a year later I found that missing piece of black lace on the kitchen floor with no clue as to where it had been all that time….

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