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Day 67 – A Heart and a Bow August 26th, 2006

Originally Blogged on Thursday, 14 April 2005

I got all of the seams that I had planned stitched today…

The Heart The Bow

I photographed the Bow before doing the colonial knots on the second tail so that you can see how the knots change the look of the ribbon….

This is the flower trail as planned plus a tatted butterfly.

Flower trail

Musical Notes

I initially pulled the ribbon with the musical notes out of my stash because I liked the notes as the bride has a beautiful singing voice and the colour fitted….when I auditioned the ribbon on the seam I decided that the gold notes where to Glitzy and bold for the rest of the piece and I put the ribbon to the side…A mutual friend visited, when she spied the music on the ribbon she picked it up and said that it had to go on for the brides beautiful singing, I told her that is why I had it out but that I had decided not to use it….when I was telling my sister about it she agreed that it was to glitzy but asked if it could be twisted to fit on and started twisting it, we decided that with less of the gold showing and with the dark straight stitch stars it would blend in and that was the plan….but when I pinned it in place and stood back from it the gold was still to bright…I thought about taking it off and finding something else but I liked the line of the ribbon and did want to use then I thought of covering it with organza ribbon and that worked well to mute the gold sos that it blends in…..I like the way the stars connect it to the seam above which is a feather stitch variation with colonial knots and detached chain stitch….

This seam is herringbone stitch with detached chain and colonial knots alternating along the edges.

Herringbone Stitch

I have carried the flower trial through by adding just a few flowers to cover this seam.

more flowers

Detached Chain Stitch

Dress Back

And I covered this last little seam with Detached Chain Stitches with a long seal off stitch arranged in a zig zag pattern and done in the green/burgundy variegated thread….and with this seam the Back of my dress is finished…and here it is, I have also put a Big picture on flicker.

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