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Day 38 detached Chain Stitch July 28th, 2006

detached Chain Stitch

I was planning on a more colourfull detail for today but I have a sore throut, a headache and I just didn’t get myself organized so this detail is one I prepared a while back…It is detached chain stitch with pearl beads.

One Response to “Day 38 detached Chain Stitch”

  1. Andrea Says:

    … and it is very pretty – sometimes the simple things are the best … LOL
    btw … is very fortuitous (I think that is how to spell that word 😉 that you posted a picture of something with pearls right now … because it reminded me of an idea I had this evening, for the perfect finishing touch to my bag for the Canberra Quilters Exhibition challenge, it was something I was going to do this evening, but I got side-tracked putting a hanging/security sleeve on the back of my miniature quilt and the binding on my wall quilt and I totally forgot the little thing I was going to add to the bag … and if I had not seen this detail with pearls, I probably would have totally forgotten about it until after I had delivered the bag … then I would have been annoyed with myself for forgetting to attach the perfect finishing touch to my bag! (adding a “pearl” to the bag is perfect because the challenge theme is “30” and the 30th anniversary is the pearl one … so it HAS to have at least one pearl on it!) … I had better go add that now – hopefully it will only take a couple of minutes to at least find the pearl beads and put them with the bag, or maybe even sew one or 3 on … because I should have gone to bed about 4 hours ago!
    (oh well – living up to my blog name again!)

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