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Day 33 Tassel Stitch July 23rd, 2006

Tassels and Butterflies

This seam is a Combination of Colonial knots arranged in half circles, Tassel Stitch and Detached Chain Butterflies…The Butterflies are from Dorothy Bond’s Crazy quilt Stitches Book.

The Tassels are a Variation on Maltese Stitch which I found in an old Dmc Encyclopedia of Needlework.

DMC Book Maltese Stitch

To make the Tassel use a stranded thread…After threading the needle bring both ends together but do not knot them.

Tassel stitch step 1

Take a small stitch towards you (this stitch will be at the top of the tassel), leave the tail of the thread a little longer than you want the finished Tassel to be.

Tassel stitch step 2

Bring the tail of the thread down and hold it with your thumb while you take the next stitch which goes over the tail and up next to the first stitch.

Tassel stitch step 3

Before pulling the threads tight, thread the needle down through the loop.

Tassel stitch step 4

Use the eye end of the needle to adjust the top of the Tassel.

Tassel stitch step 5

Trim the Tassel to desired length.

4 Responses to “Day 33 Tassel Stitch”

  1. Lillian Says:


    what a neat variation and i love what you did with this. I am going to have to try this.

    I have really enjoyed your jumping on the 100 days bandwagon. Thanks for sharing.

    Lillian in Korea

  2. Vianna Says:

    Wow .. – I have that Encyclopedia book .. it was printed in France at the turn of the century. Isn’t it the greatest little book? I bought it for three dollars at a library book sale some years ago and it’s provided me with much inspiration and instruction.
    All my best!
    keep up the wonderful stitching.
    Vianna (In FLorida)

  3. LinMoon Says:

    I just love these tassels!   What a great idea!  I don’t remember ever seeing tassels as an embellishment – but I love what you’ve done with them.  Thanks also for the instructions.

  4. neki Says:

    thank you for the great tassel tutorial

    neki desu

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