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My Band Sampler 194 – TAST II stitch 01 Diamond Stitch – Details 1024 to 1029 March 8th, 2010

I am partisipating in TAST II That is Take A Stitch Tuesday round 2.

Week 1 is Diamond Stitch

I started with a size 5 cotton pearl thread.
Then tried it with a size 5 Rayon pearl twist thread.
Still using the rayon I elongated the distance between the stitches,.
Then using a size 8 cotton pearl I worked alternate stitches wider to get a zig zag edge.
With a size 8 Rayon Pearl twist thread I not only alternated narrow and wide stitches but used a longer stitch at the edges of the wider stitches.
I like this stitch but don’t much enjoy doing it because it is realy hard to keep an even tension on the loops so for the bottom row, still using the size 8 Rayon, added a bead to the thread before doing the left side loop and then went through the bead again to connect the diamonds, it was a little easier to work but it was still difficult to keep an even tension.

TAST2 Diamond Stitch

Box for my crazy quilted box topTo use Diamond Stitch on a crazy quilt I have done a seam on my Box Top.

Diamond stitch on my Box top

4 Responses to “My Band Sampler 194 – TAST II stitch 01 Diamond Stitch – Details 1024 to 1029”

  1. Tina Abert Says:

    Annie your variations are really nice. I always enjoy your stitch variations. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  2. Coeur de freesia Says:

    Your sampler of diamond stitch is very interesting, I did not tried so many combination. Well done !

  3. Doreen G Says:

    Fantastic Annie I love all the variations.

  4. Miriam Klaassen Says:

    I like the combination of small and bigger diamond stitches as shown on the third row from above and further. Your stitches are very neat, this is not an easy stitch.

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