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My Band Sampler 184 – Details 999 to 1008 – A road trip to Nowra January 19th, 2010

Visit to Nowra

I have cross stitched my little blue car for the last weekend of November when I drove to Nowra to visit a friend…we shopped in Kiama, lunched at Berry, talked and stitched and went to the Nowra Quilters meeting and had a lovely time.

While I was there I took a photo of her sampler (see below) and have added some of her stitches to my sampler.

Kerry\'s sampler

As the day I returned was the first day of Summer I have slipped Summer in as one of the rows of cross stitch patterns.

While I was there I kept my fingers buzy stitching the Celtic block below, it was an extra block for a charity quilt that my friend had started and I was able to save her the time of stitching it down…I used one side of the pattern to embroider on my sampler.

Celtic Block

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  1. susan Says:

    I love the way you incorporated things from your trip, and stitches from her sampler, into yours. You did a lot on a short trip!

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