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August 2019
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My Band Sampler 179 – Details 986 to 990 January 10th, 2010

recording stitches used on peace in pieces

To get this year started I have been for a 5 day Holiday with my sister to North Queensland to visit our 2 youngest brothers and their families…We had a lovely visit and now it is time to get on with 2010, I want to catch up the stitching and blogging of my sampler by the 23rd january which will be its second anniversarry.

Last year I Blogged a group quilt, Peace in Pieces made by canberra krazy quilters, in todays details I have recorded the new variations of stitches that I did on my block in that quilt along with the information that Peace in Pieces won first prize in the group quilt section of Canberra Quilters 2009 Exhibition.

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2 Responses to “My Band Sampler 179 – Details 986 to 990”

  1. Raphaela Says:

    I like the sisha mirror element very much. What a great idea to surround it by beads and work tangles to it. Just beautiful.

  2. Susan Says:

    Congratulations on the win. I love your stitching, and have to try the two vines for sure. Could you talk about what the stitch is on the vine on the right? The gold part? It looks like a cross over lazy daisy. I forget what they call that. =P

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