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    This is Annie Whitsed's Crazy World a world where I stitch the joys and chaos of life into beautifull crazy quilts. email
January 2010
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My Band Sampler 181 – Details 994 to 995 – Taking Control January 13th, 2010

Taking Control

Taking Control has 2 meanings…It had been some time since I had done any stitching for which there was 2 reasons…

The first reason was that life was distracting me but I didn’t mind because I was getting a lot of good things done and felt as if I was taking control of my life.

The second reason was the black background which is much harder to design onto and thus requires more thought and takes longer but that alone wouldn’t have stopped me because I really love what I have stitched on the black background…What was stopping me is that black is difficult to stitch onto at the best of times and when you have to ware glasses it is even harder and that was stopping me from stitching, what to do, take control, cut off the rest of the black, replace it with cream and start stitching again.

The second detail is a Celtic design from a book that Sharon lent me when I was doing the designs from the covers of Cadfael novels…I altered it to fit the space I had and used it as a warm up exercise while I thought about what I wanted to stitch next…

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My Band Sampler 180 – Details 991 to 993 January 13th, 2010

flowers for spring

The Beads stitched along the join in the fabric are the beads that I bought at the quilt and craft show.

The space at the beginning of the row is where I was going to put a badge I bought at the Alice Cooper Concert but it looked to clunky so I didn’t use the badge but couldn’t bring myself to fill in the space, I wrote the name and date of the concert on the back.

The Flowers are for Spring and during spring is Florade which is Canberras Annual flower Festival.

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