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December 2007
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Miniature Nativity Scene December 13th, 2007

matchbox cave for miniature nativityA couple of years after we decorated our Miniature Christmmas Tree I found a christmas tree decoration which was a string of tiny charms of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus…Just the perfect size to make a miniature nativity scene.

To form the base of a stable I used 2 matchbox trays with one side of each broken out and overlapped and the end flaps folded out to widen the floor area. I covered the base with grey paper and made a tree from a twig and scrunched up tissue paper.

The angel was an earing, the camel, donkey and cow (which I painted) where on the glass rim of cocktails in the 1970’s.

The pig was in a bag of second hand toys that I got in the early 1980’s, he must have been a part of an old farm yard set, he must have had a hard life because he had lost half his paint and was missing 3 legs (replaced with match stick legs), I kept him all these years because there was something appealing in his character and he found a lovely home here.

The sheep is a felted lump of fleece and for the shepard I redressed a guacamole worry dolls.

A sattering of straw completes the scene.

Miniature Nativity Scene