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TAST Week 26 Half Chevron Stitch – Details 306 and 307 June 26th, 2007

twisted chain in the visual journalThe first stitch that I did today was a seam of detached Twisted Chain Stitch from this page of ideas I did in my visual Journal back in January.

I like to use Metalic thread for twisted chain stitch…My spacing went a bit astray towards the end of the seam but I had finished the seam before I noticed just how off skew the stitching had got and figured that if I didn’t notice it till I had finished then it was probably not worth redoing it so I left it as is.

To finish of the top edge I added a row of Stem Stitch.

twisted Chain Stitch

Note re TAST Week 25 the long and short stitch…I haven’t forgotten it, I do have plans to use it but it will have to wait because it is not one I can fit along a seam which is what I have been concentrating on.

And TAST Week 26 to the rescue…I have been struggling to think of seam treatments for this block that I haven’t already done so I was delighted this morning when I looked to see what this weeks TAST stitch was and found Half Chevron Stitch which was just perfect for the last seam on this block. I introduce a little more colour on the seam I added gold seed beads into the little spaces formed by the stitch.

Half Chevron Stitch

To finish the block I added a small butterfly button just above my nephews hand because it looks to me as if he has just been holding something very delicate.

Block 27 Finished

Just for the record I have just noticed that the perma link for this post indicates that this is my 500th post for this blog.