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Italian Insertion stitch – Detail 305 June 25th, 2007

Italian insertion stitch

This stitch is a variation of Italian Insertion Stitch…click here to see Italian Insertion Stitch and a couple of variations.

I have googled Italian Insertion Stitch but found no link to any instructions so tonight I have worked a sample to photograph the steps for working the Stitch.

Start by working 2 cretan stitches, make tiny stitches spaced wide.

Italian insertion stitch step 01

Go back up to the first stitch, on the left and work a buttonhole stitch over the threads.

Italian insertion stitch step 02

work a total of 4 buttonhole stitchs from the centre out to the edge.

Italian insertion stitch step 03

work another cretan stitch below the first one and then Go back to the second cretan stitch, on the right and work 4 buttonhole stitches over the threads from the centre to the edge.

Italian insertion stitch step 04

work the next cretan stitch below and repeat working from side to side.

Italian insertion stitch step 05

For the Variation I have done work as above except the 4 buttonhole stitches are worked from the edge to the centre, the first of the 4 buttonhole stitches is worked over 2 threads…

Italian insertion stitch step 06

…the other 3 buttonhole stitches are worked over 3 threads.

Italian insertion stitch step 07

Further variations can be achieved with different spaceing of the creatan stitches and different numbers of buttonhole stitches. Different threads will also change the appearance of the stitch.