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February 2007
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A Problem Solved February 22nd, 2007

When I started working again on mum’s memory quilt after it had lay dormant for more than 12 years I found I had a couple of problems, the first was that I had to change technique for transfering images to the fabric, as it turned out the T shirt transfers blend quite well with the old technique.

Visual journal layout for mum\'s quiltThe other problem is that the original plan was for a 20 block quilt but since then with births and marriages the family has grown and I now need 31 blocks, not a number that divides into a quilt layout.

This morning, when I was showing my sister the progress I had made, we discussed the pros and cons of the different alternatives I had thought of to reduce the images to 30 blocks, I also told her my plans to border it with a frame shaped border…As she was leaving she asked me when I wanted to have it finished by…my answer was that I want it to remain a WIP and get it finished this year but it can’t be before the birth of the next grandchild, expected in a couple of months, then jokeingly said that if I finished it before the birth I wouldn’t need the 31st block…or maybe I wasn’t joking because with thoughts of the frame finish fresh in my mind the light bulb went on…I could make just the 30 blocks and then add the new babys image as a photo poked into the corner of the frame…Problem solved…and if it works as I think it will, it means that I can include photos of the family home and the mango tree in the same way, as well as enabling future additions of great grand kids…

and the next block is ready for embroidery

block 11