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February 2007
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Doing the Happy Dance February 17th, 2007

Some time back, when I saw my blog on a friends computer, I was stunned by how good my images looked, images that were dark and almost blurry on my monitor looked bright and crisp on my friends monitor. I went home and tried to adjust the brightness etc on my monitor but it made no difference, my monitor was old and being unable to afford a new one I would just have to accept it…Since then whenever I have had access to another computer I take a peek at my blog and have a little dream about how lovely it would be to have a good moniter on my computer, in the meantime I have been saving to buy a car, a high priority as Canberra is not an easy place to live without a car…

That is how life was but after a visit to the optomitrist on yesturday I rethought my priorities, as inconvient as it may be not to have a car I can live for a while longer without one but I can’t live without my eyes, these are the only 2 I will ever have which means I can’t afford NOT to look after them which makes a new monitor a necessity rather than a luxury.

My New Monitor…Today I have struck while the iron is hot, before I could change my mind and decide that a car really was more important, I got a friend to drive me to the shops where I have purchased a BenQ 19″ LCD Moniter.

In all likelyhood dear readers of my blog won’t notice any difference but their is a huge difference between what I was seeing on my old monitor and what I can see now…It looks so good I am doing the Happy Dance and Singing with Joy.