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    This is Annie Whitsed's Crazy World a world where I stitch the joys and chaos of life into beautifull crazy quilts. email
February 2007
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5th Block for mums memory quilt – Details 150 t0 153 February 11th, 2007

As I was typing the information under the stitches for this block I realized that I had done 3 Buttonhole stitch variations on this block without noticing, that is how different stitches can be made to look.

buttohole wheels

Buttonhole stitch half circles with beads…turned up the other way they look like little fans…when I do this stitch I find it helpful to use a coin or other small object to draw the half circles on the fabric.

metalic floss

This is a metalic, tubular cord/braid that I have held in place with beads….I like the way it forms irregular edges, this is a good way to brake up a long straight seam.

2 rows of buttonhole crossed colours

Another Buttonhole stitch variation set off by Bugal beads…for this variation do 3 stitches on one side then cross and do 3 stitches on the other side…then repeat with a second colour weaving the thread over and under the first row (I see in the photo that I missed doing that on the middle stitch).

button hole and beads

And another Buttonhole stitch variation…this long and short stitch variation with beads is a very simple yet very effective stitch.


And this is an Ooops….forgot to tell the photocopier to reverse the image…I decided to use it anyway because when I made these life wasn’t as simple as grabbing the digital camera, snapping off a photo, connecting it to the computer and clicking print, I would have had to make the trip back to the photocopiers and colour copies where expensive back then…and most people don’t notice it…and I like to stitch little oddities into my crazy quilts for those that do look closer to find.

This is the fifth Block for my mothers quilt…the photo is an old black and white one of mum and her brothers in front of there dads work van…

5th block for mums quilt