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    This is Annie Whitsed's Crazy World a world where I stitch the joys and chaos of life into beautifull crazy quilts. email
September 2006
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Day 85 – Signing your Work September 13th, 2006

signing on the shell

Tonights detail is a detail from detail 84.

Before I call a piece finished I sign and date it…Sometimes it goes on the back of the piece but when I can fit it in around the embellishments I like to sign on the front and on this piece I couldn’t resist signing on a shell, reminiscent of the souvenir shells from my childhood.

Below is the finished piece…When I was making this piece I didn’t know what I do now and I did start to worry a little when I had all the seams embroidered and most of the embellishments done but it was Not working as a united piece…That was when I added the gold ribbon in last nights detail, it helped a bit and did add nice movement…I then added the black ruched ribbon Thing on the left, it did nothing to help unit the piece and I can’t tell you why it doesn’t look awful but somehow it does blend in and it did add more movement…What solved my problem was the silk ribbon seaweed that you have seen in most of the details, The repetition of the seaweed united all the elements and brought the piece together.

Marine Theme

Sweet Surprise September 13th, 2006

Earlier in the year I used a bail of pea straw mulch on the garden, it must have had pea seeds in it because I have had pea plants growing every where that I used it, I have left them grow because they make good compost, I did not expect them to flower so although they are wild peas it was a sweet surprise to find these beautifull flowers on them.

self sewn Pea