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    This is Annie Whitsed's Crazy World a world where I stitch the joys and chaos of life into beautifull crazy quilts. email
September 2006
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Day 77 – Rock Pools September 5th, 2006

Sailing boat and a Whale

The seam treatment in todays detail are the full Button Hole Wheel with extra little straight stitches around the edge to make them look like something that you would find in a rock pool.

Sailing in the calm waters near the coast is a sail boat while a whale frolicks further out to sea.

Also in this detail you can see how I wound the Coral Stitch seaweed through the lace embellishment.

Delicate Beauty September 5th, 2006

Helebores, also known as winter roses, grow in shady areas of the garden, hardly noticeable they blend into the background until you look close and then you see their delicate beauty.

Helebore flower

Crossing of the To Do List September 5th, 2006

I have quite a long to do list and I am always happy to be able to cross something off…before I went to visit Jan and Bob I got the apron, that I started making for Bob over a year ago, finished so that I could deliver it to him….Because the applique made the back messy I decided that it had to be lined and if I was going to line it I might as well make it 2 sided so I put pockets at the bottom of the reverse side so that he can wear it in his workshop…If you visit Bob’s world you can see a photo of him wearing his Apron

An Apron for Bob Reverse side