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    This is Annie Whitsed's Crazy World a world where I stitch the joys and chaos of life into beautifull crazy quilts. email
August 2005
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Dig in the garden Rain August 8th, 2005

Back in June, after many, many months without rain, it did rain, lovely cleansing, dancing in the rain, rain and the next day it rained again, and the day after that it rained again and over the next couple of weeks it kept raining, wonderful, soaking rain, interspersed with lovely sunny days…It was Dig in the Garden rain, I could stick the garden fork 6″ deep into the normally rock hard clay and whilst I was outside working in the carport the garden kept calling and little bit at a time I have dug over and enriched the soil in one garden bed as I remodeled the space, lowering the edges to path hight and terracing it to get some height in the middle…..I didn’t realize untill I looked at the photo just know how much my garden design reflects my crazy quilting, I have built split terraces so that they break the area up into odd interresting shapes and have used a variety of different stones, rocks, logs and bricks to create visual texture and the plants will add splashes of colour.

Front Garden

Not what they look like August 8th, 2005

Furniture moving SkatesThey might look like an old pair of roller skates….But To me they are Furniture Movers….my Son has been approved for the NEIS scheme (New Enterprise Incentive scheme), he had to do a small business course and write a Business Plan and now that he has been accepted he will be paid a small living allowance for 12 months to give him time to set up and establish his business….To run his business, which is making chain mail and chain Jewellery, he needs a workshop….Most of July was spent working with Sam cleaning out the carport and then organizing it into tempory storage space so that we can empty the shed so that it can be insulated and lined….One item of furniture that we needed to move was a desk that was to heavy for me to lift my end of, we tried putting plastic under one end so that it could be dragged and it dragged across the plastic but the plastic didn’t drag on the ground to keep up with it and I was thinking that it would have to wait untill we got reinforcements to help when Sam pulled out the skates, that had lurked in the shed for many years, and put them under one end, the skates supported the weight so that Sam could push from the other end while I steered it by pulling on the laces and the desk was moved with ease.

We have got as far as stripping the shelves out of the shed…

Working in shed…But I have NO idea how one goes about insulating and lining walls….I guess I am soon to learn…

My Golli got Finished August 8th, 2005

My Golli My Golli goes for a slide

Sometime in July, My Golli got finished and when we visited Sharon he took us back to childhood as he slide down the hole punch and had us giggling after I took this photo because, instead of sliding down, he catapulted up into the camera Lens.