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February 2005
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Reducing the number of UFOs February 22nd, 2005

20six is doing some sort of update and I was unable to post last night and tonight I am unable to add images which blows what I was going to show you and I will just have to keep that for another night, so what I will tell you about is an idea I have had for merging 2 UFOs into one.

UFO #1 On my website I have a few little journal quilts, the idea is to make one a month and I love the concept but some months have so much to Journal that they have no time for doing it, other months I may have the time but nothing happening to journal, other times…well for one reason or another only a few get made.

UFO #2 Many, many years ago I started a Fabric Book…The Base was 8″ by 10″ Calico (Muslin) Pages, using a variety of different patchwork techniques, each page records something about me…..I have always thought of them as “glympses of my life”…They have come to light in my clean up and when I look at them now I realize that they are journal quilts.

Today when I was thinking about them I thought it is a pity that they are a different size when it occurred to me that they could be, by adding a border to the old pages to bring them up to the A4 size of the more recent ones thereby merging 2 UFOs into one….and if I make a box to keep them together as a set and think of them as Glimpses of My Life then I can enjoy adding to them as I have the inclination to make one without the pressure of having to make one every month.