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February 2005
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Finding Bundles of Treasure February 8th, 2005

Todays project was to clean out this great little Storage unit. Purchased from the Hardware shop, it has casters for easy moving to where you want to work. It has a clear flip up top with divided compartments, 2 shallow draws and 2 deep draws.

Storage unit in my studio

I have left the machine embroidery threads in the top draw and the laces waiting for a dying day in the bottom draw. The rest is clear ready for me to put sewing tools in the top and use for works in progress

The draws that I emptied were full of bottles and packets of doodads that have accumulated there in the last few years. Below is a photo of the type of bundles of treasure that I was finding and what it contained. A fun part of cleaning up is the things you find. This bundle was from my mum who picks up bits from the op shop and gives them to me when she sees me.

A bundle from mum

Most of it is jewelry, some of it I wont be able to use but most of it I will pull apart and use the bits to embellish crazy quilts.

Contents of my bundle from mum