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February 2005
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Sorting February 5th, 2005

When I am doing a Big clean up I do it in a few stages.

Firstly I need to find everything that needs putting away and as I go through the boxes, which can be done one at a time, I do what I call a gross sort, I do this by having a box labeled with each major category of stuff that I will find…the gross sort boxes that I have for this sort are: Threads, ribbon/lace/braid, beads, buttons, charms, things for the visual journal, paperwork.

Once I have been through all the boxes, bags and draws where there are little packets of goodies lurking, I will take the sorting boxes one at a time, sort the contents by colour, type, size and put them away…..When I used to do a big sort every 6 months or so putting them away meant putting them away into an existing storage system but I have not done a big sort for 5 or more years and I have been in a lot of swaps in that time making this a BIG sort and I know that several of the current storage systems will overflow so I will also be introducing new storage systems.

AS I said the finding and sorting of boxes can be done one at a time and today I got started with the ones that were under the Visual Journal desk.

Under Visual Diary desk

And what was there? A bundle of paperwork , a lovely bag of ribbons and cords purchased 18 mths ago, and another UFO…

Knitted leaves

One year I will have enough of these little knotted leaf shapes to make a blanket…

…and OH dear they did cause me a distraction, thinking knitting I remembered that the other night I was told that the Wangaratta Woolen Mills are making an attempt at the Guiness Book of Records record for the longest piece of knitting and they want knitters with 8 ply wool or acrylic yarn and 4mm needles to knit garter stitch panels that are 66 stitches wide and a metre (39 ½ inches) long….the panels will be stitched together end to end for the record and then they will be separated again and stitched together as blankets for charity…and you guessed it I dug out knitting needles and some balls of acrylic yarn left over from my last knitting binge, cast on 66 stitches and knitted a few rows…I did then put it aside until I went to visit a friend this evening and took it with me…I got 50 rows knitted.

Knitting started