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February 2005
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Today I shared My Table February 3rd, 2005

Today I have shared my table with my Son (age 22)…It is a long time since he has done any craft work but today he came down to my studio seeking heat (It is supposed to be mid summer down under, 2 days ago we were sweltering and today I was so cold I turned the heater on). As well as finding heat he found that my table was a clear space and decided to get out the box that he is making from match sticks.

Sam\'s match craft

Looking at the photo I solved something that puzzled me a few months ago…A crazy Quilt list was discussing how much craft stuff was in there kitchens…when I looked in my kitchen I found only 1 paintbrush on the windowsill…I did wonder why my kitchen was so vacant of craft stuff…I figure now that the reason is that in this house the migration goes the other way, I could give you a long list of the kitchen things that are in my studio.

At the other end of the Table I set up the overlocker (Serger)…a friend had asked if I had one and would I mind overlocking the bottom of some pants…not a problem says I…well the overlocker has not been on the table since I moved back to Canberra and that was 10 years ago and It may never be pulled out again as it was a problem….I did get the job done, took me 5 minutes but It nearly defeated me as I fiddled for an hour and a half with the instruction book and a lot of cussing to get it threaded…I remember now why I never enjoyed overlocker jobs…

my overlocker

And in response to a comment I will leave you tonight with a photo of my Visual Journal desk and a page from a few days ago…goodnight.

Visual Journal work area

A page of my visual journal