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My Band Sampler 83 – Details 676 & 677 June 27th, 2008

Chevon Stitch and in memory of Jane McGrath

The line of stitching is one of my TAST stitches from last year,

The second detail…When I heard on the radio that Jane McGrath had died of breast Cancer age 42 I thought I should record her passing on my sampler and then I wandered how her passing did fit into my life and I decided not to but I woke up the next day thinking about it again, I logged onto the McGrath Foundation Website, where you can read her story, and found my breast awarness Pin and thought about how I could use it in conjunction with the words but my designs weren’t working, it got to hard and I decided against putting it on my sampler…But I again woke up thinking about it, after 2 days of pocrastination I thought to ask my son’s opinion, his immediate answer was Yes and he also suggested using the twist of real pink ribbon instead of the metal pin, using real ribbon meant that I could make it much smaller so that it fitted around the words so that my design worked, for the Mcgrath Foundation logo I printed the logo on a pretreated fabric sheet and used fusible webbing to attach it to the sampler…I guess it was meant to be and maybe its place in my life is that I do have friends that have had breast cancer and this is my opportunity to promote breast cancer awareness, in memory of Jane McGrath.

My Band Sampler 81 – Details 665 to 668 June 22nd, 2008

Chevron stitch variations

take it further may coloursThe top line is 2 rows of Chevron StitchThe first row is a wide seam and the second row which I have done in a second colour is a narrow seam.

The second row is a single row of Chevron Stitch worked so that the bars along the edges meet each other as per the illustration below.

detail of chevron stitch variation

The third row is Chevron Stitch used to hold a length of ribbon in place.

The bottom row is a single row of basic Chevron stitch trimmed with straight stitches along the edges and colonial knots in the gaps.

The image on the right is my 12 inches of stitching with the Take it Further May colours.

My Band Sampler 80 – Details 656 to 664 June 16th, 2008

I feel as if I have been making a very slow recovery but today I have felt better than I have been and with my head feeling clearer I have been able to concentrate which has resulted in a productive day of stitching.

The first line of stitching is Cretan Stitch worked with silk ribbon which I have then overstitched with French Knots and Bullion knots done with a single strand of cotton floss.

The first line of stitching is also the last seam of the Cretan stitch variations…As a guide as to what stitch I do next I am using Sharon’s Take a Stitch Tuesday Stitch list, the next stitch is Chevron Stitch from week 5...This time I decided to introduce the stitch by embroidering its name.

Line 3 is the Basic Chevron Stitch worked with 3 strands of pink cotton embroidery floss.

Line 4 is 2 rows of the basic Chevron Stitch worked side by side with a cotton buttonhole twist thread and I added beads in the spaces formed when the second row of stitching is added.

Line 5 is again 2 rows of the basic Chevron Stitch but this time the 2 rows are staggered, thread is 2 strands of cotton floss.

Line 6 is another 2 rows of the basic Chevron Stitch, this time the rows are half overlapped forming a nice zig zag pattern, thread is 2 strands of cotton floss.

putting beads onto chevron stitchLine 7 is yet again 2 rows of the basic Chevron Stitch with the rows fully overlapped and staggered so that the edge bars of the second row fill the spaces left between the edge bars of the first row, thread is 3 strands of cotton floss.

Line 8 as per line 7 but using a second colour thread for the second row, both colours of thread are 3 strands of cotton floss.

Line 9 the bottom line is also as per line 7 but with shorter edge bars so that the edge is not a solid line and with beads threaded onto the centre part of the stitch…To add the beads I put a bead on each centre stitch of the first row and then when working the second row I passed the needle back through the beads of the first row.

Chevron stitch variations

My Band Sampler 79 – Details 650 to 655 June 15th, 2008

I havn’t found the camera or got to the computer in the last week But I have been getting some stitching done and today I got it photographed.

SAmples of cretan stitch variations
The first line is another Beaded Cretan Stitch.

The second line is Cretan stitched with randam stitch length, width and spaceing…This variation works well in landscape surface embroidery and when crazy quilting it is useful when I want a background blending stitch.

The Second line is also the start of my Take it Further Challenge May colours.

The next lot of stitches are from my teaching notes and to my eye they look better going up and down so so that is the way that I have stitched them…notice how small changes in the angle of the needle and the spacing can make a difference to the look of the stitch…

I have trimmed the first up/down line with colonial knots.

The second up/down line is trimmed with detached chain stitch.

On the third up/down line I added beads to the threa as I was working the stitch.

And the last up/down line is upside down, I love how turning it upside down changes the look of the stitch again.

Cretan Stitch variations

Take It Further Challenge – April Colours April 21st, 2008

Take it Further April Colours

Every month re the Take it further challenge Sharon saysRemember that the palette you can only ever be a suggestion as computer screens display colours differently. The aim is to be as close as possible to the colours on your screen.…This is for good reason and I had first hand experience of just how great those differences can be, last week after choosing my threads for the April colours I visited Sharon and she showed me the colours on her screen, what I had seen as dark brown was burgundy, the light orange was a beige, the black was a dark green and the dark orange was a rust colour…I changed my thread choice to be the colours on Sharon’s Computer because I thought that they where a nicer set of colours and I have only used the 4 darker colours only for the embroidery because the lightest colour was very close to the background colour of my Sampler…and on the left is the 12 inches of stitching that I have done with the Take it Further April colours.

My Band Samper 60 – Australia 2020 – Detail 627 April 20th, 2008

Australia 2020 is for the Australian Governments Australia 2020 Summit, held in Canberra this weekend…I had been debating with myself as to wether I would record this event on my sampler or not, when A friend asked me if I was going to, her question said to me that if she was asking the question then it is the sort of event that she thought was worth recording.

Australia 2020 summit

An Addition to one of my Cretan Stitch Seams April 19th, 2008

Detail 620 kept jumping out and telling me that those big spaces should have something in the centres, so I have added beaded flowers to the detail.

addition to detail 620

My Band Sampler 59 – – Detail 626 April 18th, 2008

Cretan Stitch

This stitch is another one of the variations on Sharon’s sampler, varying the length of the arms…On this variation the lengths of the Cretan stitch arms are only varied on one side which I trimmed with beads.

My Band Sampler 58 – Work a seam until you like it – Detail 625 April 17th, 2008

Cretan Stitch

This stitch started as one of the variations on Sharon’s sampler varying the length of the arms…

I didn’t allow enough difference in the length of the long and short arms and with the stitchs widely spaced the pattern formed by the long and short arms couldn’t be discerned…

I have always said that if you don’t like a seam then work it until you do, so with that in mind I did a second row over the top of the first one which reduced the space between the stitches which made it look a little better but the pattern was still ill defined.

To pick the pattern out more I used green thread to do french knots on the long arms and burgundy for the short arms with additional knots in the centres…To further define the difference in the lengths of the arms I did the green knots at the end of the arm making it a little longer while keeping the short arms the same length by covering the end of the stitch with the knot….and I like the final effect.

My Band Sampler 57 – Details 623 and 624 April 15th, 2008

Cretan Stitch

The Top seam is Cretan Stitch with long arms and narrow space between the arms and trimmed with beads as I did on my teaching sample…thread is 2 strands of cotton floss.

While I was stitching the top seam I thought that if I can do very long arms then I can do very short arms on the stitch…The Bottom row is the same width and same spacing between the arms as the top seam but has very short arms on the stitch creating very deep Vs, making for a visually very different look to the first seam…O have also arranged the beads in a different pattern just for variety…Thread is size 5 cotton pearl.